USB-memory sticks

Memory sticks with logos

A USB memory stick with the company’s logo is perfect as a timeless business gift. In our selection, you can find different memory sticks with logos for different uses.

USB memory sticks equipped with the company’s logo or slogan are also perfectly suited for the company’s own business use. You can conveniently add different files to the memory stick and use it for marketing or sharing files. This allows photographers to promote their image files, musicians to promote their music, and industrial companies to share various drawings and technical files. There are endless practical uses.


Personalized memory sticks with logo

Either your company’s logo, text, or even a picture can be printed on the memory stick. You can choose your own frame color from our selection, which makes the memory stick individual and thus best describes the company’s trademark and brand.

Memory sticks can also be ordered in the form of a product or other object, in which case the body of the memory stick looks exactly like the original product. If there are challenges with the design of the memory stick, or it raises questions, we will be happy to help with the design and to find the best possible shape for your memory stick.

Flash drives with saved files

If you wish, we can already save the files you want on a memory stick. This solution is especially convenient when the materials to be saved are large and there are many of them. In the end, such a solution will also be cheaper for the customer. Loading large files (photos, videos, large presentations) to a flash drive can often take several minutes, and loading a large number of flash drives can take several days. So we help you save time!


Why order memory sticks with a logo from us?

Our goal is to be a confidential partner for companies that use memory sticks with logos in marketing or branding. We are professionals in our field with long-term experience. We help our customers present their brand through the products we sell.

Käytämme aina laadukkaita komponentteja ja ratkaisuja, jotta voimme taata asiakkaillemme parhaimmat markkinointituotteet.

Our advantage:
In our memory sticks, we use high-quality and original components, as well as memory chips, for which we give a 5-year warranty.
We have 16 years of experience in marketing and producing USB products and memory sticks
We are a company based on 100% Finnish capital.
Before placing an order, you can always familiarize yourself with the sample piece.
Most of the memory sticks we market are manufactured at our permanent partner’s factory in Asia, but we also manufacture exclusive memory sticks in Finland.
All our memory sticks have RoHs, CE, FCC certificates.
Before delivery, our products pass 7 quality tests at the factory.
If an error occurs in the product, we will deliver a new product as soon as possible, or we will refund 100% of the amount paid for the defective product.
We are known for our low prices, but we do not compromise on quality.
The delivery time is 2 weeks, but the customer usually receives the product within 9-10 business days.
We can deliver memory sticks of a certain model even in 2-3 business days.

Contact us and request an offer for a personalized memory stick!



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