Matilda Australiasta Suomen talvesta nauttimassa

Matilda Appleby comes from a small town in Victoria, Australia. For the first time in her life, Matilda got to experience Lapland in Finland, and is absolutely thrilled to fulfill one of her dreams – dog sledding in the magical nature of Lapland.

You might think that being from Australia, you wouldn’t be used to the snow. However, Matilda is actually from nearby a famous skiing destination. Although her home country has given Matilda an experience of skiing, it is nothing like Lapland’s magical snow and the low temperatures. She was feeling quite homesick.

We were honored to gift Matilda our embroidered, warm winter beanie with MyHappyLogo’s logo, since Finnish winter demands a warm layer of clothing. A lot warmer layer than in Australia, where you can knowingly go downhill wearing just a t-shirt. 🙂

Matilda Myhappylogo talvipipolla  Koiravaljakko ja talvipipo  Talvipipo omalla logolla talvisessa käytössä